Magnolia Roads American Roots Fall Music Festival: Day 2, September 23 at Dee’s Lounge

Magnolia Roads family & friends come together for the annual Magnolia Roads American Roots Fall Music Festival in Nashville. The festival features 27 Nashville, California, and Chicago critically acclaimed and award-winning independent music acts. The eclectic mix of musicians epitomizes American Roots and Americana music inspired by the music that grew from the roots of America at honky-tonks and dive bars, juke joints and roadhouses, front porches, backyards and campfires.

Day One is Wednesday, September 20 from noon to 8 p.m. at The 5 Spot Nashville.

Day Two is Saturday, September 23 from 4:30 p.m. to midnight at Dee’s Lounge in Madison.

This Magnolia Roads Production is sponsored and supported by Yazoo Brewing Company, Desert Valley House Concerts, Cattle Call, and Old School Farms.


Dee’s Lounge
Saturday, September 23
Outdoor Acoustic Stage

5:00  Erin O’Dowd
5:30  Rosy Nolan
6:00  Melissa Farrior
6:30  David Newbould
7:00  Tim Easton
7:30  Afton Wolfe
8:00   Miz
8:30  Allen Thompson
9:00  John Surge


Indoor Band Stage

  5:00  Kimmi Bitter
  5:50  Deb Morrison
  6:40  Mad Revival
  7:30  Mike Younger & The Tennessee Treehuggers
  8:20  Manda Mosher
  9:10  Boo Ray
10:00  Andrew Leahey & The Homestead
10:50  Jon Latham & The Lifers


American Roots Fall Festival




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