Row Jomah Proud to Debut ‘This World Remains’

Joe Roma is a hopeless romantic. Perhaps that is why the music of Row Jomah is so infectious, so inviting. The level of musicianship is off the charts — more on that in a moment, but first… Album after album, concert after concert, Roma reaches in to touch your heart with his lyrics, so optimistic yet so cautious, tender, loving, romantic. His favorite phrase (well, one of them) is: “I want to be by your side.”

Joe Roma – Row Jomah. 📷: Silent J Studio

This World Remains is the fourth album from Clearwater, Florida-based Row Jomah, a true collective. Roma fronts the band, handling lead vocals and acoustic guitar. The tighter-than-tight rhythm section of Dylan Chee-A-Tow on drums and Vinny Svoboda on bass propels every song at precisely the right tempo, aided by regular guest percussionist Dave Gerulat. Melbourne Walsh is a stunning electric guitarist, and he is matched by the brilliance of Austin Llewellyn on keyboards.

Row Jomah

Guitarist Melbourne Walsh spoke about the genesis of the record:

Last year the five of us went up to a cabin in the NC the mountains and came back with an album. It’s all mixed, mastered, and ready for release! We’re super excited about this one and will be releasing it on August 11th.


Roma commented on the construction of the album:

Recorded by Vinny Svoboda in the mountains of North Carolina. Produced by Row Jomah. Mixed and mastered by Vinny. Dave Gerulat on percussion. Entire album was arranged and written by all of us. Mel wrote the changes for “Golden Age,” Austin for “In Store for Me,” :Long Days,” “Push and Pull,” and “The Shallow End” by Joe Roma and Row Jomah, mostly Austin Llewellyn and Vinny.

Vinny Svoboda – Row Jomah. 📷: Silent J Studio



“Alpenglow” >

The EP opens with an ethereal instrumental, perfectly describing their mountain recording location, anchored by acoustic guitar strumming and great electric piano. And this segues perfectly into…


“The Shallow End”

Row Jomah can really rock, but this album is more about  tight melodies and harmonies, some great vocals from Roma, and stellar playing start to finish. Llewellyn is brilliant throughout, here on a hypnotic piano figure that anchors the tune. The great mallet and percussion work here and elsewhere (marimba) is by Dave Gerulat, the interloper from shoeless soul. Then acoustic guitar and piano dance before the song raves up as Walsh roars.

Austin Llewellyn – Row Jomah. 📷: Silent J Studio


“Long Days”

Here is another fine example of Roma’s penetrating lyrics: “I hope we can make it through these long days,” clearly hinting as brighter days to come. Chee-A-Tow and Svoboda duet briefly before Walsh again adds a big punch on electric guitar.

Dylan Chee-A-Tow – Row Jomah. 📷: Silent J Studio


“Golden Age”

Joe Roma’s voice is crystal clear on this one, a delightful melody discussing the “Golden Age between defeat and victory.” Dylan Chee-A-Tow’s drums give the song its first push and then maintain the heartbeat pulse throughout, matched by Vinny Svoboda’s lilting bass lines.

Guitarist Melbourne Walsh, a brilliant shredder, keeps his solos spare and deliciously on point, including his comping under the vocals. The brief slide solo is excellent. Mr. Keyboards (Austin Llewellyn) begins his bouncy, uptempo electric piano figure right at the start and embellishes it throughout the song. It is the album’s second single.

Melbourne Walsh – Row Jomah. 📷: Silent J Studio


“Push and Pull”

This is the first single from the album, issued July 21. The song rides first on electric piano from Austin Llewellyn before Walsh’s electric guitar and Roma’s acoustic back Roma’s vocals. This band is know for its insanely tight rhythm section — Dylan Chee-A-Tow on drums and Vinny Svoboda on bass — and they are perfect here. This is a beautiful tune. Suspicioning that Svoboda might also have had something to do with the recording and mix! [Not a difficult guess! He’s got mad skills!]

Dave Gerulat – Row Jomah. 📷: Silent J Studio


“In Store for Me”

The album closes with one last great song. 

“I know I’ll see one day

What’s standing in front of me.
I know I’ll see one day
What’s in store for me.”

This is the hardest-rocking tune on the EP, a great way to finish off what is certainly the most cohesive and impressive album from Row Jomah yet.

Row Jomah


Although we STILL did not get that “Cat People” on THIS EP, either!


I will amend my opening remark. Joe Roma is a hopeful romantic!


Tonight Row Jomah does their Road to Nowhere Talking Heads tribute before celebrating the album release with a show at Dunedin Brewery with special guests Songbird Shella, Jon Ditty, and Brian Doss.



08/11  ROAD TO NOWHERE | The Palladium at St. Petersburg College | St. Petersburg FL

08/12  **ALBUM RELEASE PARTY** | Dunedin Brewery | Dunedin FL
08/19  Grand Central Brewhouse | St. Petersburg FL
10/14  Walking Tree Brewery | Vero Beach FL








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