Row Jomah Drops Second Single from Upcoming New Album ‘This World Remains’

The buzz began a bit before Row Jomah released “Push and Pull,” the first single from the band’s new album This World Remains, July 21, as band members posted about the cabin in the mountains where they did the writing and recording. We know that the full album (which is deluxe) will surface on Friday, August 11, and the following night Row Jomah will celebrate the album release with a show at Dunedin Brewery with special guests Songbird Shella, Jon Ditty, and Brian Doss.

Today, the Clearwater indie rockers have gifted us the second single, “Golden Age,” even more lovely than “Push and Pull.” Read more about that single and how the band put this album together here.

Joe Roma’s voice is crystal clear on this one, a delightful melody discussing the “Golden Age between defeat and victory.” Dylan Chee-A-Tow’s drums give the song its first push and then maintain the heartbeat pulse throughout, matched by Vinny Svoboda’s lilting bass lines.

Row Jomah

Guitarist Melbourne Walsh, a brilliant shredder, keeps his solos spare and deliciously on point, including his comping under the vocals. The brief slide solo is excellent. Mr. Keyboards (Austin Llewellyn) begins his bouncy, uptempo electric piano figure right at the start and embellishes it throughout the song.

Enjoy the two singles, This World Remains when it hit the usual platforms next Friday, and the album release party Saturday at Dunedin Brewery!



08/05  Shuffle | Tampa FL
08/12  **ALBUM RELEASE PARTY** | Dunedin Brewery | Dunedin FL
08/19  Grand Central Brewhouse | St. Petersburg FL
10/14  Walking Tree Brewery | Vero Beach FL







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