The Return of Schleigho! 30th Anniversary!

It was probably 22 or 23 years ago that, in the process of learning about lots of new music through Leeway’s Home Grown Music Network, I “discovered” Schleigho and ended up with three of their CDs. Then, in 2001, I got to see them twice in one weekend and then another show in 2003. They were brilliant.


Unbeknownst to me, they still ARE brilliant! It is impossible to keep track of all the bands we love, and I lost track of jam masters Schleigho. They are on a roll on their 30th anniversary tour, with two shows on the books in June in New York. And they have two more coming up — August 4 at The Cave in Buffalo and August 5 at Erie’s Blues & Jazz Fest.


Schleigho are: Suke Cerulo, guitar, vocals; Erik Egol, drums; Jesse Gibbon, organ, piano, synth, vocals; and Drew McCabe, bass, sintir, theremin, vocals. Cerulo played with moe. during 2022 while Chuck Garvey was recovering from his stroke, and he was spectacular.


This is so exciting! Check out this great recording from June 9 at Parish Public House in Albany NY (thanks to clean tones for the video!).





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