Mylène Farmer in Nice

Mylène Farmer is a name you likely have never heard. The 62-year-old singer, lyricist, and entrepreneur from France is one of the best-selling French artists of all time. The Queen of French Pop — who does much more than just pop — has issued twelve studio albums since her 1986 debut, five compilation albums, and six live recordings. Fifteen of those were number 1 in France, along with 21 of her singles.

Mylène Farmer in Nice. 📸: Carl Han

Why are we talking about Mylène Farmer? Because she is currently on tour with her Nevermore tour and the release of L’Emprise last November. If you are looking for a comparison in terms of enormity of stage production, you could start with Taylor Swift.

Mylène Farmer in Nice. 📸: Carl Han

Farmer’s stage is about half the size of a football field and weighs a whopping 900 tons. It requires a traveling crew of 200 and about 800 local workers to assemble in a period of 5 days!

We are indebted to correspondents Carl Han and Gary A. Giddings for their reporting from Nice July 29, where Farmer performed before a sellout crowd of 40,000. Carl’s brief report:

Mylene Farmer Shenaniganza
The Nevermore Concert set was the most spectacular stage I have ever seen.

In addition to their photographs, here is a video of “Désenchantée” from her show at Stade de France in May.




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