Power Trio Time with Nikki Glaspie, “Taz” Niederauer & Brandon Miller

Nikki Glaspie and Brandon “Taz” Niederauer have been seeing a lot of each other. They have been on a tear with the brilliant Allman Brothers tribute octet Trouble No More for more than a year now, and recently Taz had played with Glaspie and her band The Nth Power.

Then they decided to play a couple more shows together, beginning with a superb two-night run at The Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton June 2 & 3 and then a Sunday night gig at Dunedin Brewery. And you know what they say: NEVER MISS A SUNDAY SHOW. They also say: NEVER MISS NIKKI & TAZ.

They filled out their power trio with the powerful bass-playing of Brandon Miller, and — VOILA — power trio supreme! 

During the set Sunday in Dunedin, they played a few originals and a bunch of favorite covers of all sorts. Taz sang “Melissa,” and then Nikki said that this entire week was Bonzo Week, claiming herself as a huge John Bonham fan. “So how about some Led Zeppelin?” She handled the difficult vocals while going into Bonzo mode on her kit. Taz and Miller rocked the house on this one.

Taz then sang a ballad and took an incredible solo. Next up, Hendrix. Taz sang “Power of Soul,” Nikki adding harmonies. They both sent this song stratospheric. A tender “Scarlet Begonias” followed, Taz singing. Nikki then offered up the Betty Harris classic “Break in the Road” and a gorgeous bow to the Isleys with “Footsteps in the Dark.”

“Taz” Niederauer, Nikki Glaspie & Brandon Miller – Dunedin Brewery – 06.04.23. 📸: Phil Ross

Two more hot songs followed (cannot name them) before they got everyone swaying with “That’s the Way of the World,” a favorite of Nikki’s as The Nth Power had again preformed their Earth, Wind & Power set. Prince? You bet. “I Will Die for You” finished the set.

Except you know it didn’t. One more total rock-out with “Black Dog” to make the night complete. What a treat it was seeing these three fine musicians bring us a lot of music and a lot of joy!



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