Papadosio Releases New 17-Track Album ‘To Live A Making’

Jam-meets-jazztronica outfit Papadosio just unleashed To Live A Making, the ninth  studio album release of their storied 15-year career. The five-piece ensemble keeps pushing boundaries on a record that explores expressive aesthetics from psychedelic rock to synth wave, offering a cross-section of their combined talents and improvisational skill in a live setting. 


Papadosio Press Photo

The 17-track album is the work of a mature creative unit that is in perfect sync. Drummer Mike Healy holds rhythm steadfast while still shifting between the familiar and adventurous. Bassist Mike McConnell fleshes out the rhythm section, providing hefty bass elements while guitarist Anthony Thogmartin offers up diverse guitar stylings ranging from subtle to colossal. Brothers Sam and Billy Brouse melodically duel, with Sam’s compelling vocals and keyboard prowess melding with Billy’s spacious synthscapes and inventive sound design.


Papadosio Press Photo

“The album is a story about life: a timely commentary at a pivotal moment in human history that is dedicated to pondering prevailing mainstream cultural narratives,” said Sam Brouse in a press release. “The music aims to inspire notions that life itself is creative, that love is real, and that together we could thrive if only we could tell ourselves the right stories and ask ourselves the right questions.”


Live A Making is available across all streaming platforms and can be accessed here. To keep up with Papadosio including future releases and tour dates. Click on the links below.










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