Ajeva, Dionysus, The Reality at Cage Brewing: PHOTO/VIDEO GALLERY

Ajeva headlined a big show at Cage Brewing in St. Petersburg May 27, and photographer Chuck Smalling of Funk Eye Media was there to capture all of it.

Apparently not all. His photographs of The Reality, who opened the show, disappeared. Fortunately, he also shot video of their set, and we are happy to present that here. 

Reed Skahill – Ajeva – Cage Brewing – 05.27.23. 📸: Funk Eye Media

Excellent jazz funk fusion quartet from Dionysus from Gainesville made their second Bay area appearance in two months, and you can count on them being back!

There was lots of cross-pollination and a host of guest sit-ins as well!



Ajeva – Cage Brewing – 05.27.23. 📸: Funk Eye Media

Ajeva are: Reed Skahill, vocals, guitar; Taylor Gilchrist, bass; Lyndon Thacker, guitar, keyboards; and Michael Nivens, guitar. Tucker Sody played drums for this show. Yral ‘datdudeondrums’ Morris and Skyler Golden, guitar, had sit-ins, as did tenor players Jose Piñeiro, and Juanjamon.



Dionysus – Cage Brewing – 05.27.23. 📸: Funk Eye Media

Dionysus are: David Wells, keyboards, synthesizer; Ivan Padilla, drums; Tati Saya , bass; and Jose Piñeiro, tenor saxophone. Michael Nivens had a sit-in on guitar.



The Reality are: Dan Jones, guitar, vocals; Caleb Bone, bass, vocals; and BA Jones, drums, vocals. Juanjamon played keyboards and tenor saxophone and sang for this show.




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