What’s Not to Love… About True Loves?

We just love continuing to stumble across tremendous bands all across the nation and the globe. We can’t say “discover,” but we might say “uncover,” because there is so much fabulous music out there if you just do a little digging (and that goes double for the no-good-music-since-the-’70s crowd).

True Loves horns. 📷: @nategowdy

So what’s not to love… about True Loves, a Seattle-based funk & soul band! Their music has been blossoming for almost a decade. Their debut instrumental album Famous Last Words was recorded in 2017, and in 2021 their second effort, Sunday Afternoon, also hit the mark. Both are now available on Color Red.

True Loves are: David McGraw, drums; Bryant Moore, bass; Jimmy James, guitar; Iván Galvez, percussion; Jason Cressey, trombone; Greg Kramer, trombone; Gordon Brown, tenor saxophone; and Skerik, baritone saxophone.

True Loves

These gents are the real deal.



03/15  Volcanic Theater | Bend OR
03/16  Sweetwater Music Hall | Mill Valley CA
03/17  The Siren | Morro Bay CA
03/18  Moe’s Alley | Santa Cruz CA
03/19  Soda Bar | San Diego CA
03/21  Resident | Los Angeles CA
03/22  Amado’s | San Francisco CA
03/23  Talent Club | Talent OR
03/24  The Get Down | Portland OR
03/25  Nectar | Seattle WA






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