Marcus Rezak’s Shred is Dead at Terra Fermata 02.17.23: VIDEO

On Marcus Rezak’s Florida run, he stopped in at Terra Fermata in Stuart on Friday, February 17, for two blistering sets with his Shred is Dead band. He also threw in a couple of songs from another of his projects: Gumbo: A Live Phish Experience.

If you have not seen Rezak live yet, you need to do yourself a favor. He is an astounding shredder. And he colors WAAAAY outside the box, in the best way possible. There are many, many Dead tribute bands, none more vibrant or inventive than Shred is Dead. Check out “Dark Star” and “Terrapin Station” here for evidence. On second thought, check out both sets in their entirety. 

Shred is Dead are: Marcus Rezak, guitar, vocals; Bradley Adam Miller, bass; Dave Harris, keyboards; and Harrison Dermer, drums.

[SHRED IS DEAD 02.17.23 ONE: Playin’ In The Band, Althea, Jack Straw, Scarlet Begonias > Dark Star, The Other One > Bird Song,  The Wedge; TWO: Shakedown Street > 2001 > Vocal Jam > Shakedown, Gumbo, Tube, Sugaree, Dancing In The Streets > Terrapin Station > Dancing In The Streets]




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