JUST WHO is Part of Dave Watts’ Super Jam on Jam Cruise?

We are so excited that Dave Watts, founding member of The Motet, has been tapped to lead the Super Jam on Jam Cruise 19 sailing out of Miami next Monday. The Super Jam takes over the Pool Deck on Saturday, our final day out on this incredible adventure. So we inquired: JUST WHO will be part of the Dave Watts Super Jam?

Dave Watts – The Motet. 📷: Scout It Out

Well! It would almost be easier listing the people who AREN’T participating, and even then you never know who will end up sitting in anyway. But we will attempt to make some sense of this. Suffice to say: you do NOT want to miss it!



Luke Bemand (lespecial), Marc Brownstein (DJ Brownie, The Disco Biscuits), Ryan Stasik (Doom Flamingo, Umphrey’s McGee), Floyd Kellogg (Andy Frasco & the U.N.), Jason Gray (Polyrhythmics), and Josh Fairman (SunSquabi)

Marc Brownstein – Electron – Jam Cruise 18 – 1/11/20 – MSC Divina and the Caribbean – photo © Dave Vann 2020



Craig Brodhead (Cool Cool Cool), DJ Williams (KDTU), Ben Bloom (Polyrhythmics), Dan Lebowitz (Lebo, ALO), Shawn Eckels (Andy Frasco & the U.N.), Joe Marcinek (Joe Marcinek Band), Miles Harris (Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio), and Roosevelt Collier (Roosevelt Collier Band, Trouble No More)

Shawn Eckels – Zepp is Funk. 📷: Courtney Scout



Kanika Moore (Doom Flamingo, TAUK Moore), Shira Elias (Cool Cool Cool), Josh Schwartz (The Horn Section, Cool Cool Cool), Andy Frasco (Andy Frasco & the U.N.), Sammi Garett (Cool Cool Cool), and Judith Hill 

Shira Elias, Sammi Garett & Rodrigo Zambrano – Cool Cool Cool – North Beach Music Festival 22. 📷: Zach Smith



Joel Cummins (Umphrey’s McGee), Delvon Lamarr (Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio), Kenneth Crouch (KDTU), Nathan Spicer (Polyrhythmics), Peter Levin (Trouble No More), Chris Spies (Honey Island Swamp Band, N.E.R.F the World, Matador! Soul Sounds), and Tommy Shugart (Tommy Shugart Organ Trio, Shuga T, The PJs)

Joel Cummins – Zepp is Funk. 📷: Courtney Scout



Ernie Chang (Andy Frasco & the U.N.), Greg Sanderson (The Horn Section, Cool Cool Cool), Josh Schwartz (The Horn Section, Cool Cool Cool), Art Brown (Polyrhythmics)

The Horn Section



Chris Brouwers (The Horn Section, Cool Cool Cool) and Scott Morning (Polyrhythmics)

Polyrhythmics horns 📷: Eye of the Storm



Elijah Clark (Polyrhythmics) and Alex Wasily (Dumpstaphunk)

Alex Wasily & Ryan Nyther – Dumpstaphunk – Clearwater Jazz Holiday 2022. 📷: Silent J Studio



Mike Dillon (Mike Dillon Band, Punkadelick, Fackn’ A)

Mike Dillon. 📷: Tarver Shelton


OK. That’s the SHORT  list.

Be there, or be octangonal!



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