Echoland Music Festival: Some DOs and LOTS of DON’Ts

Echoland Music Festival offered up a spectacular lineup of 57 artists and bands Tuesday for the May event scheduled for the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. Even before the lineup was posted, a variety of FAQs were available for perusal under the HELP tab on the festival website presented by C3 Presents, a subsidiary of Live Nation.

Some of these are pretty standard; some unusual; some deliberately restrictive.


NO backpacks or bags with multiple pockets

This is fairly standard. Those clear plastic bags are very useful.


NO Selfie sticks, go pro sticks, tripods



NO Inflatable couches (“lazy bag” etc.)



NO Totems made of hard woods

and/or other materials that may cause injury if dropped. This includes flag poles and heavy sticks.

We will see how they interpret those bendy poles (presumably not heavy).


NO bikes, scooters, skateboards

or other similar transportation devices will be permitted. 2-wheeled objects will not be permitted within the main venue. 

Presumably this includes scooters for those with medical requirements. Perhaps they should also have specifically stated “one-wheels,” although we suppose those count as skateboards.




NO Strollers with pockets

(basic strollers allowed with children)

Parents who choose to attend this festival will likely need a new stroller, since almost all are made now to carry all the items necessary for child care.


NO Chairs of any size

Before the lineup was announced, many were hoping this would be in some fashion a resurrection of the Wanee Music Festival. That festival, like every festival we have attended at SoSMP since 2007 (44 of them), was very chair-friendly. Many of the former Wanee attendees interested in Echoland, now a decade later (plus/minus), would still prefer to sit on occasion (and we are older). That will not be possible. This rule will make it difficult if not impossible for many of the AARPers and disabled to attend. It would be fair to point out that those people would bring in a sizable chunk of change.


NO Wagons

Families with children beyond stroller age depend on wagons for their family items. People with disabilities often use a wagon for their chairs and other items.



This is a C3 Presents festival, owned by Live Nation, and they are absolutely within their rights to define the rules of the event. The ones we have highlighted here are in stark contrast to every other event at the park. Again, that is their right.


However, the message is LOUD AND CLEAR: those of us who need chairs, proper strollers, and wagons ARE NOT BEING WELCOMED to Echoland. That is their right. It is our right to spend our money on events that WANT our business.


We are certain this will be a fabulous event. Sorry we cannot make it.

You might or might not miss us. You might miss our $$$, however.



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