Tauk & Kanika Moore: “STFU”!

TAUK and Kanika Moore have four more dates on their TAUK Moore tour (Tulsa, Fayetteville, Dallas, and Austin), and the shows have been epic.

TAUK Moore. 📸: Chris Beikirch & Lexi Ambrosino

They also did some recording earlier in the year!

During the pandemic, we set a goal to create as much new music as possible. We compiled 20 original ideas and sent them to Kanika, who came to work out of our studio in January.

For six days, she stayed at Alric ‘A.C.’ Carter‘s house and there was a 3-year-old upstairs who decided to run, stomp, and make as much noise as possible… way too early in the morning. This was part of the inspiration for “STFU”!

We certainly hope there is Moore TAUK in the future!


And TAUK have shows coming up soon with The Motet!




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