Guavatron Crush Killer Two-Song Set at Crowbar!

Guavatron, the West Palm Beach jamtronic powerhouse, had a tight assignment Thursday night (November 17) at Crowbar in Ybor City (Tampa), opening for Spafford: a 45-minute set. We would argue they should have allowed Guavatron to begin at 7:45 and play an hour, but nobody asked us.

So Guavatron made the very most on this opportunity. Regular bass player Conor Crookham was unavailable for the gig. In the fashion we have wonderfully become accustomed to, they contacted Taylor Gilchrist, bass master for brilliant St. Petersburg jamsters Ajeva, asking him to fill in. You would never have known that Gilchrist wasn’t a regular member of the band; he KILLED it.

Taylor Gilchrist & Adonis Guava – Guavatron – 11.17.22. 📷: Daniel Pollack

So what to play in the tight confines of a 45-minute set?

Guavatron blew immediately into “Turtle Dream,” one of the quartet’s very best extended jams, and extend it they did… for 24 minutes. Drummer Casey Luden controlled the tempo as Roddy Hansen washed everything with his mix of keyboards, especially synths; there was also a lot of piano in there as well. And Adonis Guava was superb on guitar.

Guavatron – 11.17.22. 📷: Dan Farkas

After a quick break to say hello and thanks, they jumped into a second great old-school jam, “Spring Roll.” Guava and Luden shared the vocals. It was magic, and the entire room was bobbing, dancing, smiling. 

That’s notable, because the last time Guavatron played Crowbar, it was a weekend night with dozens of great shows around the area, and the crowd was sparse. Perhaps half an hour before Guavatron were scheduled to hit the stage Thursday, Adonis Guava looked at the sparse early crowd and expressed concern about the place filling up. By the time they launched into “Turtle Dream,” Crowbar was wall-to-wall music fans ready to party, and Guavatron delivered, as they always do. Concerns alleviated!

Many thanks to Kevin FLAF Mellinger for the audio on!

And thanks to Danielle Ramires for this video!


Here are the timings from St. Pete Taper‘s post.

00:00 – 25:43  “Turtle Dream”

26:34 – 43:52  “Spring Roll”




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