at Suwannee Hulaween: The Main Squeeze

Jake Funkmayor of was on hand once again to video as many Suwannee Hulaween sets as he could. We truly appreciate that he allows us to share his fine work with you.

The Main Squeeze – Suwannee Hulaween 2022. 📷: Tara Gracer Foto

The onstage costume party got started in earnest when The Main Squeeze took over the Amp. They were dressed as characters from South Park, and  of course Corey Frye was dressed as Chef! They were on fire, mixing their tunes with great covers such as “Voodoo Child (A Slight Return),” with a blistering guitar solo from Maximillian Newman. Frye took a moment to recall performing at the first Hulaween in 2013 in the pouring rain for 5800 fans.

The Main Squeeze – Suwannee Hulaween 2022. 📷: Tara Gracer Foto

Frye reminded us that we are never alone, a heartfelt plea for fallen friends, as the band played “When the Sun Goes Down,” a composition built on the changes to “Maggot Brain.” They lit things up with a rocker and then tore the place apart, closing with — what else? — Chef singing “Chocolate Salty

[MAIN SQUEEZE: Dr. Funk, Believe, WWC, When I See Darkness, Voodoo Child, Sun Goes Down, I’ll Take Another, Chocolate Salty Balls, I’ll Take Another]



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