at Suwannee Hulaween: Mark Lettieri Group

Jake Funkmayor of was on hand once again to video as many Suwannee Hulaween sets as he could. We truly appreciate that he allows us to share his fine work with you.

Mark Lettieri Group

I split to see Mark Lettieri Group. Lettieri is a Snarky Puppy alum and had played Suwannee Rising 2021. If this Hula set wasn’t my most favorite of the weekend, it certainly kicked the most ass. Like major ass. I was totally floored. His band is killer: Wes Stephenson, bass (seated); Jason “JT” Thomas, drums; and Daniel Porter, keyboards.

Mark Lettieri Group

Jake Funkmayor of and king of the Snarky Puppy fan club recorded this and numerous other sets, but this is the one I wanted to watch first (also the next five times), because DAMN. This set teeters around between fusion jazz, kickass rock, and some nasty shuffle as well. I recommend the video. Check it all, but “Goon Squad” is one fine place to start.



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