at Suwannee Hulaween: Cimafunk

Jake Funkmayor of was on hand once again to video as many Suwannee Hulaween sets as he could. We truly appreciate that he allows us to share his fine work with you.


Cimafunk — Thursday, The Meadow, 4:15 p.m.

The day had gotten off to a superb start with LPT and then Eugene Snowden, leading directly into the Afro-Cuban whirlwind Cimafunk and his incredible band. This was a non-stop dance party, Cuban style, and a huge crowd had amassed for the 4:15 set. Everybody was moving; it was impossible not to. The band is beyond tight, with a very James Brown feel, and Cimafunk definitely brings that vibe, especially with his perpetual-motion dancing.

Cimafunk. 📷: PatrickHughes HULA22

It was also not to watch the female vocalists, Ilarivis García Despaigne, trombone, and Katerine Ferrer Llerena, saxophone. They danced all over the stage with their instruments, took lead vocals, and dazzled with their playing. The band romped through “Rómpelo” and everything else. When they got to the band’s smash hit “Me Voy,” Cimafunk had 30+ people crawl over the rail to dance on stage. Mind-blowing!


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