Abstract Citizen: Ethereal Jazz This Weekend at Dunedin Brewery, Blue Jay Listening Room

Miami quartet Abstract Citizen excel at making ethereal, thoughtful, spacey jazz, always pushing the envelope of what is possible. This is not loud, bracing music; it’s music to listen to, contemplate, and absorb. Words are ineffective here. Please enjoy the videos available here.

Abstract Citizen are: Aaron Lebos, guitar; Brahm Masla, drums; Marty Quinn, upright bass; and Justine Garcia, vocals. Garcia’s vocals push this project beyond traditional trio jazz into the ethereal realm.

You may know Lebos for his outstanding experimental work with Anemoia and for his major presence on the Miami scene.

Abstract Citizen

They play Dunedin Brewery Friday evening and the magnificent Blue Jay Listening Room on Jacksonville Beach Saturday. Later in the month, they will perform at Gibson Room. More dates are coming in addition to those already listed for 2023.



12/02  Dunedin Brewery | Dunedin FL
12/03  Blue Jay Listening Room | Jacksonville Beach FL
12/17  Gibson Room | Miami FL
01/31  Lagniappe | Miami FL
02/15  Miami-Dade Community College – Wolfson Campus | Miami FL







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