RAQ is BAQ, Part Deux

Back in August, RAQ surprised everyone — including themselves — with a pair of deluxe shows at Soundcheck Studios Pembroke in Massachusetts. Whatever trepidation they might have had about playing out for the first time in four years dissolved the instant they got back together, Chris Michetti noted recently. Originally concerned about the upcoming two-night run at Nectar’s in Burlington, Vermont, Michetti also said they are now primed and ready to see the place full of familiar faces October 14 & 15.


The lineup includes original members Jay Berwick, bass, vocals; Chris Michetti, guitar, vocals; and Todd Stoops, keyboards, vocals; and they thrilled to add Adrian Tramontano, drums. PURE FIRE!

Enjoy this archive.org recording from the show live at Soundcheck Studios on 08.27.22. For this show, Marc Scortino, aka Dr. Westchesterson, was also there.

I don’t know about you, but I sure as heck hope this means more RAQ in the near future! Ready for RAQ, Chapter THREE!






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