The Heavy Pets at Crazy Uncle Mike’s 09.24.22: VIDEO

Thanks to Adam at CHeeSeHeaD PRoDuCTioNS for this great video of The Heavy Pets at Crazy Uncle Mike’s in Boca Raton September 24, thanks to Dan Nolan, thanks to Crazy Uncle Mike’s, and thanks to The Heavy Pets!




The Heavy Pets – Full Show – Crazy Uncle Mikes – Boca Raton, FL – 9-24-2022

Set I: Higher. (6:10) Dewpoint ~ (25:25) Xylophone. (39:50) Shared Skies. (50:35) 3am. (59:33) Precious Mind. (1:10:20) Bibbles.

Set II: (1:27:27) Jackie Bones. (1:43:20) Second Sky ~ (1:54:30) Shahryar’s Rage ~ (2:05:20) Iceberg Blues ~ (2:15:50) Finally. (2:21:00) Keep Me Runnin’ ~ (2:30:20) Iceberg Reprise. (2:34:00) E: Castles Made Of Sand.

Band: Jeff Lloyd (guitar, vocals), Mike Garulli (guitar, vocals), Jim Wuest (keys, vocals), Jamie Newitt (drums, vocals), Chris Patsis (bass)


Recorded by adam @ CheeseheadProductions. Thanks to Daniel Nolan for the audio assist. Big thanks to Crazy Uncle Mikes for the hospitality. 

Venmo: @cheeseheadpro

*Disclaimer: All audio & visual parts in my videos are the sole property of their respective owners. These videos are purely for entertainment and recreational purposes. Best viewed in 1080p HD or higher.




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