Richard Borders Turns Out the Lights

Here and there I had heard the name Richard Borders. It was always in relation to lighting at major rock concerts and festivals and the fabulous stories surrounding those events. He was the pre-eminent man of his craft, creating Gemini Light Show, one of the most important men in rock you might never have heard about.

Purely by happenstance, I plopped down my chair near the sound booth at Monster Mash, a festival thrown at Halloween 2020 in Hastings in North Florida by Tom Laws of Get Laws’t Entertainment. The man sitting next to me — with video and photography equipment galore — was none other than Richard Borders! I am pleased to say we struck up an immediate friendship and corresponded fairly regularly.

Richard Borders. 📷: Gail Carson Photography

I was always thrilled to see his Facebook posts about this amazing 1970s music festival or that legendary 1960s concert. His list was endless. There was no need to exaggerate the enormity of his contribution to the business of lighting rock and roll; everyone heaped praise upon Borders for his pioneering of the field.

I was blessed to become his friend. May his memory always be a blessing.

Here are links to his family’s obituary notice and a fine article by Daniel A. Brown of Jacksonville Music Experience.

And here are just a FEW of his posts. He posted all of these just since June!














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