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Mike Dillon posted about recent shows, recordings, music, upcoming shows, and more September 7. He’s the Vibraphone Destroyer AND the Energizer Bunny! Just wind him up and turn him on!



Good Morning Facebook world, music lovers and all-around good people.  Last weekend was a blast. I played music with Chris Senac and Go-Go Ray. First time in about 14 or 15 years that Go-Go and I were in the van together. We did a lot of van time back in the day. It’s amazing that we still laugh our ass off at those days. The music brought us together, and the fun preceded the K. We traversed the continent and made people smile and laugh.   

Go-Go Ray

I really do like looking at playing music as a form of service. It really does help me face the day and get out of that doom-and-gloom, the world is going to hell mindset. Music is a remarkable invention. Yesterday during my tabla lesson with Aloke, I marveled at how deep we continue to dig. I thought, here is a human who selflessly devotes himself to something that is so opposite the mindset of people who invade countries and kill in the name of profits. Humility, I guess. I ramble this morning to get to a place of gratitude.   

Thank you to all the folks who came to our gig at The Brick last Friday.  I am happy to report that Chris, Go-Go and I went into the studio on Sunday and recorded five jams. In fact, that is what I do with most of my time these days: RECORD. We have the new Punkadelick record inflorescence with Brian Haas and Nikki Glaspie coming out November 20.  

Nikki Glaspie, Brian Haas & Mike Dillon – Punkadelick. 📷: Michelle Laura

This summer, I completed The Dickson Cousins record with Ginny Mac. A trio record with James Singleton and Earl Harvin. A kids’ record called Mike And Beignet Go to the Zoo (further adventures of percussion triangulation in the mode of Rosewood).  The Mother Goose and Nolatet record. Echo Periphery: Receptive Amplification with Mike D and Rosemarrow (a really cool ambient record of mostly synth drones and tabla), and now we have the beginnings of a new rock record with rants, Cumbia and punk rock. Thank you, Chad Meise, for giving me your ears and talents to help make these records a sonic reality!!!! 

Brian Haas, James Singleton, Brad Walker & Mike Dillon

We also have recorded remotely for Rickie Lee Jones, Mike G, The Big Old Nasty Getdown, and many others. The pandemic taught me that I don’t want to be on the road all the time. That being said, it is time to go on tour again.  

This week I have hits with Brian Haas and James Singleton: The Ship and the Lowdown. Then off to Park City to play with Anders Osborne, Ivan Neville, Brad Walker, and Chad. That should be fun. Monday Haas and I will eat Thai food, rehearse, load the van, and do our first Punkadelick tour since March. (Okay, I did a weekend with lespecial, and a new band has been born out of that party called Fackin’ A.)  

Artwork by Peregrine Honig



09/08  Kansas City MO | The Ship
09/09  Tulsa OK | Lowdown
09/13  Fairfield IA | Cafe Paradiso
09/14  St. Louis MO | Pops
09/15  Columbus OH | Summit Music Hall (Birthday Show! 57 years young!)
09/16  Morgantown WV | Pleasant Street
09/17  Charles Town WV | Abolitionist Ale Works
09/19  Williamsport PA | Bullfrog Brewery
09/20  New York NY | Rockwood Music Hall
09/21  Baltimore MD | 8 X 10
09/22  Raleigh NC | The Pour House
09/23  Stanford NC | Carolina Indie Fest
09/24  Asheville NC | Asheville Music Hall  **w/ Claude Coleman Jr. and Nikki Glapsie!

09/28  New Orleans LA | Broadside  **w/ The Pals
09/29  New Orleans LA | Maple Leaf  **w/ Johnny Vidacovich & Pizzaman
09/30  Oakdale LA | The Void (artist at large) 

10/08  Gretna LA | Gretna Fest
10/13  Kansas OK | Bushyhead Farm Fall Festival

10/22  New Orleans LA | The Maple Leaf  (The New Fuck Yeahs)
10/31 New Orleans LA | DBA  (Punkadelick and The Dickson Cousins)
11/04  Mobile AL | The Brickyard  **w/ NERF! The World
11/05  Mobile AL | The Brickyard (Mike Dillon Band featuring Chris Spies & Brooks Hubbert III)
11/18  Springfield LA | Wild Things Family Reunion
11/25  Seattle WA | Royal Room
11/26  Portland OR | Jack London Revue
11/27  Zig Zag OR | Skyway Bar and Grill
11/28  Eugene OR | Whirled Pies
11/29  Talent OR | The Talent Club
11/30  Nevada City NV | Crazy Horse Saloon
12/01  Santa Cruz CA | Moe’s Alley
12/02  TBA
12/03  Palmdale CA | Transplant Brewing Company
02/06-12  Miami FL | Jam Cruise 19




Artwork by Peregrine Honig



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