Magnolia Roads’ American Roots Hoedown: September 17 at Dee’s

The Magnolia Roads American Roots Hoedown is back for its fall edition beginning Wednesday, September 14 and continuing on September 16, 17 & 18. Over the space of four nights, 50 bands and artists will perform at four Nashville area locations. The Hoedown features local Nashville and national music acts who epitomize American Roots Music through their blend of bluegrass, blues, country, folk, funk, rock and roll, and soul, flavored with the deep grooves of the South and a jam band psychedelic twirl. This Magnolia Roads Production is sponsored by Desert Valley House Concerts, Old School Farm, and Yazoo Brewing Company.


September 17:  Dee’s
102 E Palestine Ave. Madison
5 p.m.-midnight      $5 cover




5:00  Arkansas Dave
5:45  Pi Jacobs
6:35  Chip Greene
7:25  Deb Morrison
8:15  Mad Revival
9:15  The Rich Mahan Conundrum
10:00  LadyCouch

ladycouch. 📷:



5:00  Chris Wilson
5:30  Amelia White
6:00  Julie Christensen
6:30  Hello June
7:00  Tim Easton
7:30  Phil Hurley
8:05  Angela Autumn
8:40  Stacy Antonel
9:15  Grady Hoss

Stacy Antonel



• Amelia White:
• Angela Autumn:
• Arkansas Dave:
• Chip Greene:
• Chris Wilson:
• Deb Morrison:
• Grady Hoss:
• Hello June:
• Julie Christensen:
• LadyCouch:
• Mad Revival:
• Phil Hurley:
• Pi Jacobs::
• The Rich Mahan Conundrum:
• Stacy Antonel:
• Tim Easton:

Grady Hoss



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