Billy Strings Panics Again, This Time in Alpharetta

Billy Strings just can’t help himself. In addition to the outstanding original tunes he and the band play, he keeps fishing in the Widespread Panicstream to see what he can catch. He had an extended sit-in with the six-headed monster in Memphis almost a year ago (10.01.21). The band have included “All Time Low” and “Dirty Business” in their rotating setlists often. 

On August 27 at Beach Road Weekend, the boys busted out “Fishing” (read and listen here).

At the Alpharetta Amphitheater show September 9, they brilliantly honored the Athens-based Panic with a magnificent cover of “Pickin’ Up the Pieces,” a tune from WSP’s landmark third album, Everyday (1993). We cannot wait for more gems to pop up!


Here is the original version by WSP.


And a live version by WSP from their 2012 Wood acoustic tour.



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