Adrian Tramontano, The Energizer Drummer!

Way back before the internet gave everyone access to everything (well, mostly), the conventional wisdom was:

You can’t know the players without a program.

True for baseball games and numerous other fan-based events. True for busy musicians, too!

Fast-forward to September 2022. Your name is Adrian Tramonanto, veteran of The Breakfast (The Psychedelic Breakfast), Marble Eyes, and Kung Fu. You are juggling so much right now that you need a program just to remind yourself where you are and whom you are playing with! 

Tramontano has 34 gigs from now into November, including 17 more on his current run with Twiddle, six more with Mihali, four with Marble Eyes, a pair with RAQ, and one show each with The Breakfast, Aquarium Rescue Unit tribute, TalkPeck Soundsystem, Marcus Rezak’s Shred is Dead, Eise Testone, Livebait – Phish Tribute, and the Prince/Bowie tribute.

When they retire the Energizer Bunny, expect to see Adrian Tramontano on their new ads!


Adrian Tramontano





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