The Snozzberries Lit It Up at Freakin’ Dreamin’ Groovefest!

Freakin’, Dreamin’ Groovefest was a one-night event at Skipper’s Smokehouse in Tampa Saturday, August 27, presented by local community radio station WMNF. The Battered Chicken Band opened, and Road to Nowhere (a Talking Heads tribute) closed. What happened in between? WE GOT SNOZZIFIED!


The Snozzberries from Asheville actually ventured once to the Tampa Bay area years ago, playing at Dunedin Brewery, but this was their first time in ages bringing their high-energy psychedelic rock back to Florida.

The Snozzberries – 08.27.22. 📷: Thor Bendicksen


The quartet blasted off at 90 MPH with a song justifiably titled “Slamma Jamma.” If you can picture that guy sitting in the chair in the old Maxell ads, you’ve got a pretty good idea how almost everyone looked. This was the first Snozzberries show for all but a handful in attendance. Tom Laws of Get Laws’t Entertainment drove in from Jacksonville for his first show!

They were relentless, driven by Paul Gladstone on drums and Asher Hill bass. Ian Taylor was pouring on clavinet and synths while Ethan Heller offered chunky guitar chords. Hill took a powerful solo, followed by Taylor on electric piano before Heller’s guitar exploded, with Hill right along with him.

DAMN! Put these guys in the same conversation with Spafford and Goose. This was incredible. “Biting Through” was slightly less frantic, Heller on vocals. The song mellowed — briefly — before blowing up again.

The four members of The Snozzberries were beaming, and they next roared into “Have a Cigar” (instrumental)! This turned into a romp, as they twisted the Pink Floyd song into “That’s It for The Other One,” with a great clavinet solo, then synths, and then electric piano. That yielded to a killer instrumental take on “Eleanor Rigby,” way, way uptempo, before finally returning to “Cigar.”

“Snitchin’ Randy” was mind-blowing prog rock, mellowing out briefly before an all-out blast-off with an electric piano section skyrocketing into Heller and some great fretboard guitar work. Just before they began “Darkness,” Heller spotted one of the few people who had seen the band, a friend, and Heller said this song was “Tiberius” in honor of him.

There was more great prog rock with “Return” and the title track to their debut album, This is Now. Heller thanked the crowd for the great reception before Hill began a killer intro and Gladstone had a drum feature to kick off “War Pigs,” with Heller shredding and Taylor on a fine organ solo before they ended their Tampa debut.

[SNOZZBERRIES: Slamma Jamma, Biting Through, Have a Cigar > That’s It for The Other One > Eleanor Rigby > Have a Cigar, Snitchin’ Randy, Darkness (Tiberius), Return, This is Now, War Pigs]

Put these boys on your radar NOW! We hope to see them perform again real soon!



09/02  Brevard NC | 185 King Street
09/09  Kernersville NC | Brewer’s Kettle
09/10  Blacksburg VA | Milk Parlor
09/11  Richmond VA | The Camel
09/24  Johnson City TN | Hoppy Possum Southern Brewer’s Cup
10/01  Deerfields NC | Carolina Mountain Jam Festival
10/07  Joey Times Festival
10/12  TBA
10/13  Cincinnati OH | Fretboard Brewing
10/14  Detroit MI | PJ’s Lager House
10/15  Chicago IL | Reggie’s
10/16  Louisville KY | Mellwood Tavern
10/27-30  TBA




[This will be included in the full review of Freakin’ Dreamin’ Groovefest. Thankful for photos from Dennis Stone and Thor Bendicksen. Hoping to find more.]




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