Sauce Pocket About to Rattle Northeast Florida

Sauce Pocket have a pair of shows this weekend in northeast Florida, and you would be well advised to check them out. If you’ve already been sauced, of course, you already know. Friday at VooSwar in Atlantic Beach and Saturday at Dog Rose Brewing Co. in St. Augustine.

This outstanding quintet has been on fire of late, and they blew out a fabulous show July 23 at Dunedin Brewery (read about that here). Also, check out their excellent live recording Live at Underbelly 7/7/22, full of their psychedelic space funk.

Sauce Pocket are: Kaleb King, keyboards, synths, vocals; Riley O’Brien, drums; Steve Honig, guitar; Taylor Ivie, bass; and new (not so) secret weapon Jeremy Prince, tenor saxophone.

Sauce Pocket – Dunedin Brewery – 07.23.22. 📷: Funk Eye Media



08/26  VooSwar | Atlantic Beach FL

08/27  Dog Rose Brewing Co. | St. Augustine FL





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