Brilliant Trio Anemoia Take Their Riveting Improvisational Grooves to the Northeast

Anemoia, a brilliant improvisational trio based out of Miami, will take their incredible sounds and energy on a four-night run into the Northeast, with shows in Red Bank NJ, New Haven CT, Greenfield MA, and Queens NY. This is their first venture out of Florida, and we predict it will be the first of man.


And tonight, Thursday, August 11, Anemoia will play TWO shows, first at Perez Art Museum Miami and then at Lagniappe House!


Anemoia are: Aaron Lebos, guitars; Andres Ferret, bass; and Armando Lopez, drums, percussion. 

Feature image poster artwork courtesy of Suomcita.

Anemoia. ūüď∑: alephclau


ANEMOIA in Miami

08/11  Perez Art Museum Miami | Miami FL  (6-8)
08/11  Lagniappe House | Miami FL  (9-12)


ANEMOIA in the Northeast

08/25  Triumph Brewing Company | Red Bank NJ
08/26  Stella Blues | New Haven CT
08/27  Hawks and Reeds | Greenfield MA
08/28  La Reserve Summer Fest | Queens Brewery | Queens NY




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