This is So Cool Cool Cool

Brand new band name, seven very familiar musical friends. That would be Cool Cool Cool, the band who will play Brooklyn Comes Alive September 17 and then North Beach Music Festival December 9-11. And you can bet those are just the first two of dozens of appearances from this great band.

So exactly who are the members of Cool Cool Cool? These seven great musicians were formerly in Turkuaz: Craig Broadhead, guitar, synths; Chris Brouwers, trumpet, keyboards; Michelangelo Carubba, drums; Shira Elias, vocals; Sammi Garett, vocals; Greg Sanderson, tenor saxophone; and Josh Schwartz, baritone saxophone, vocals. Brouwers, Sanderson, and Schwartz have been appearing as The Horn Section. 

What? No bass player? Please! Nate Edgar of The Nth Power will fill that slot at Brooklyn Comes Alive. We’ll await an announcement about North Beach.

You know them. You LOVE them! You KNOW this is just so Cool Cool Cool!

Cool Cool Cool



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