Guavatron: Stunning Show at Guanabanas Island Restaurant & Bar

After a magnificent two-night stand at Dunedin Brewery, Guavatron headed to Jupiter at Guanabanas Island Restaurant & Bar for their last Florida show before taking the trance-dance to Savannah, Asheville, and Charlotte. The Savannah show Friday at Congress Street Social Club will also feature Brock Butler of Perpetual Groove. If you haven’t experienced Perpetual Guava yet, you are in for a treat.

The show at Guanabanas was truly amazing, unusual, and moving. I am benefitting from the mixlr recording by Kevin Mellinger, Guavatron fan #1, on the road with the band slinging merch and sharing great vibes. (Click this link for the audio.) The recording is one 1:47:50 block of genius:


0:00:32  All Systems Go >
0:28:35  Here to Stay >
0:35:48  D3 Funke* >
0:44:20  What’s the Use (Phish) >
0:50:18  D3 Funke
0:59:39  banter
1:00:49  Disco Shades
1:10:15  banter
1:12:00  Xilla >
1:31:19  Gloopin’
1:35:45  + Jaden*
1:47:12  finito


What made this show special? (They’re ALL special.) There was such a chill vibe as they worked into “All Systems Go,” very jazzy, with Adonis Guava’s guitar just spectacular. The vibe stayed solid as they segued into “Here to Stay,” one of the tracks on their recently released album Momentous. Eventually that yields to “De Funke” as they pumped up the jam, joined by Jaden Lehman, guitar slinger for Funkin’ Grateful. That smoked! This video courtesy of Steven Leitman captures the first 43 minutes of this jam.


Jaden Lehman w/ Guavatron – 07.20.22. 📷: Steven Leitman

The quartet continued with a cover of Phish’s “What’s the Use” before they returned to the great funk of, well, “De Funke.” Conor Crookham on space bass and time-keeper Casey Luden make the most formidable rhythm section.

After some banter, Adonis suggested that patrons don their “Disco Shades,” such a fun vibe and great dance tune. They followed that with a fabulously understated “Xilla,” awash in Roddy Hansen’s keyboards and synths. They shimmied into “Gloopin’,” and after a few minutes Lehman again joined the jam session to close out this amazing show.

Guavatron – 07.20.22. Screen shot from Steven Leitman’s video

Was I there? NO. Did I stay up until 2:30 tracking the show? YES.

Thanks to Guavatron, to Kevin Mellinger, to Steve Leitman, to everyone who loves Guavatron, and to everyone who WILL love Guavatron… once they get to hear them.

[GUAVA 0720: All Systems Go > Here to Stay > De Funke* > What’s the Use (Phish) >  De Funke, Disco Shades, Xilla > Gloopin’]

P.S. Also of note… over the course of almost six hours of music from this and the Dunedin shows, the only song repeats were “Disco Shades” and “Gloopin’.” Keepin’ it fresh!


07/22  Congress Street Social Club | Savannah GA  **w/ Brock Butler
07/23  The One Stop at Asheville Music Hall | Asheville NC
07/24  Heist Brewery and Barrel Arts | Charlotte NC
07/31  7th Annual Jerry Garcia Birthday Bash | Guanabanas Island Restaurant and Bar | Jupiter FL





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