Clampitt Does Clapton, an Honest Review by Jenna Martinez

[Thanks to Jenna Martinez for allowing MFN to share this review and to Frank Allen Sr. for his photographs!]

MTV’s Unplugged series is probably one of the most well-known live series ever produced. Over 100 performances have been recorded for the series since 1989. Only 30 have been released as albums. Eric Clapton’s Unplugged performance is definitely the most well-known and commercially successful. It stands the test of time and has sold more units than Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Mariah Carey.

– Clampitt Does Clapton. 📷: Frank Allen Sr.

Brady Clampitt’s decision to cover the entire 1992 performance for two nights in one of Jacksonville Beach’s most distinguished venues, The Beaches Museum Chapel, is nothing short of ambitious. Among northeast Florida’s music scene, Brady Clampitt is known for his versatility and the ability to sit in with any established group with ease. He aptly named this show Clampitt Does Clapton.

Stan Piper – Clampitt Does Clapton. 📷: Frank Allen Sr.

For this limited two-night engagement that took place on July 8 and 9 at The Beaches Museum Chapel, Brady assembled a cast of Jacksonville’s finest and, frankly, delivered the goods. I was able to attend the show’s first night. The weather was a little drizzly, and the mood in chapel was just right. 

Brittany Westcott & Mariangel Rosales – Clampitt Does Clapton. 📷: Frank Allen Sr.

The show was well rehearsed yet did not feel stodgy or pretentious. It was a pure and well-executed tribute. Brady never compromised his own husky voice while singing some of Eric Clapton’s most well-known songs. Yes, we had the beloved ode to Clapton’s son, “Tears in Heaven,” but we also got “San Francisco Bay Blues.” Providing the second half of the two-guitar attack was the incomparable Dylan Adams. 

Dylan Adams & Brady Clampitt – Clampitt Does Clapton. 📷: Frank Allen Sr.

Audience reaction to the evening’s tunes was incredibly loving and receptive. Also along for the ride were Jonah Pierre on piano, Stan Piper on bass, Milan Algood on percussion, Stefan Klein on drums, and Brittany Westcott with Mariangel Rosales on background vocals. 

– Clampitt Does Clapton. 📷: Frank Allen Sr.

“Layla” is the song most associated with Eric Clapton. During his solo, Brady transported the entire audience back to 1992 at London’s Bray Studios. Yes, Clampitt did Clapton. And he did it right!



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