Ajeva: New Single, New Tour

Progressive funk collective Ajeva from St. Petersburg premiered new single “Mind Over Matter” July 1. This song is a disco funk delight with vocals reminiscent of Jamiroquai and Space Capone. The rhythm is relentless throughout the track, pushing the funky groove with great guitar work and soaring synths. The rap section fits perfectly into the tune.

Travis ‘Too Tall’ Young – Ajeva – OBJ 05.20.22. 📷: Vinny Svoboda

The great accompanying video features the lyrics and some outstanding graphics, including Daft Punk-like automatons and trippy visuals. It is the brainchild of the one and only James Hodgekiss.

“Mind Over Matter” is the first single from their upcoming album You Can Too, the band’s fourth studio recording, including 12 new songs. The track is available on all streaming platforms.

Reed Hills – Ajeva – OBJ 05.20.22. 📷: Vinny Svoboda

Ajeva, now in their tenth year, begin their new tour Thursday, July 7, at Underbelly in Jacksonville, with Sauce Pocket in tow. After their show at Moonshadow Tavern in Tucker, Georgia, the band will head to Colorado for three shows, then back through Nashville for a pair, and a festival appearance at Kampout at Cave Spring. They also have a three-night run in August at The Green Parrot in Key West.

Taylor Gilchrist – Ajeva – OBJ 05.20.22. 📷: Funk Eye Media

Ajeva are original members Reed Skahill, vocals, guitar; Taylor Gilchrist, bass; and Travis ‘Two Tall’ Young (well, he is), drums, percussion; and Lyndon Thacker, guitar, keyboards; and Michael Nivens, guitar.

Michael Nivens – Ajeva – OBJ 05.20.22. 📷: Funk Eye Media



07/07  Underbelly | Jacksonville FL  **w/ Sauce Pocket

07/08  Moonshadow Tavern | Tucker GA
07/11  Sancho’s Broken Arrow | Denver CO 
07/15  So Many Roads Museum & Brewery | Denver CO
07/16  Smitty’s Greenlight Tavern | Pueblo CO
07/20  Preservation Pub | Knoxville TN
07/21  Preservation Pub | Knoxville TN
07/23  Kampout at Cave Spring | Cave Spring GA

08/25  The Green Parrot | Key West FL
08/26  The Green Parrot | Key West FL
08/27  The Green Parrot | Key West FL




Ajeva – OBJ 05.20.22. 📷: Vinny Svoboda
Lyndon Thacker – Ajeva – OBJ 05.20.22. 📷: Funk Eye Media



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