Lovely Chasing Jonah Set Perfect for Wonderful House Party & Pool Reveal

[Photos of Chasing Jonah of Kathleen Thompson, edited by Dee Macchione. Photos of installation courtesy of Karen Oates Fielder]

Saturday, June 25, proved to be a trifecta for everyone who attended the house party hosted by Bob and Dolores (Dee) Macchione in Lutz, Florida. Bob and Dee are true patrons of the arts, supporting numerous musicians in the Tampa Bay area with house concerts, album production support, and much more. Moreover, this fabulous couple knows how to throw one whale of a party!

Our hosts: Bob & Dee Macchione – 06.25.22. 📷: Karen Oates Fielder

Their backyard looks as if it were plucked from the garden of earthly delights. This party was also to reveal the stunning guitar-shaped pool and environs crafted by Lucas Lagoons. Spectacular is too mild praise for the finished project; enjoy the photo gallery by Karen Oates Fielder at the end of the article!

The pool! – 06.25.22. 📷: Karen Oates Fielder

As if all that were not enough, supremely talented musician Chasing Jonah (Ashley Dudukovich) played two magnificent sets of music. Sometimes she performs solo, others, such as her performance June 3 at Central Park Performing Arts Center in Largo, in duo with cellist Tom Kersey. This night she had her full band with her: John Robert Bridges III, electric guitar; Dave Clark, bass guitar; and Ryan Sanford, drums. Dudukovich plays electric piano and acoustic guitar.

Chasing Jonah – 06.25.22. 📷: Karen Oates Fielder

Chasing Jonah opened set one with two tracks from her most recent recording, the 2021 EP Canyon. She played “Hollywood” solo on electric piano, then the first half of “Forgive Me” before the band kicked in. Her lovely voice shimmered throughout the night. Dee Macchione had laid down the law about this being a listening room event, and, at least for the first set, the crowd complied.

Chasing Jonah – 06.25.22. 📷: Kathleen Thompson / Dolores Macchione

She returned to her 2013 album Prelude to grab “It Wouldn’t Be Right,” playing acoustic guitar. Clark and Sanford laid down a solid but not overwhelming foundation for Dudukovich’s fine compositions, and there was plenty of space here and there for Bridges to offer great guitar solos.

Dudukovich spoke about loving the blues, and they gave us “Little Wonders,” which gave each musician a quick feature. She went back to Prelude for “And the Clocks Moved.” She offers insightful, personal introductions to all of her songs, bringing the audience right in next to her. She put the guitar down to sing the Coldplay song “In My Place,” nicely rendered. Her second cover was The Beatles’ “Across the Universe,” an interesting arrangement. 

Set one closed with her song “Paycheck.” You can see the video below, relevant because part of it was shot at the home of Bob and Dee, both of whom are featured in the video along with numerous others including musician Mike MacArthur and Sylla Sheppard-Hanger. It is a gentler but no less effective version of “Take This Job and Shove It.” MacArthur was the evening’s DJ before, between, and after Chasing Jonah, and Ronnie Dee handled sound.

As the second set began, a drone flew up from the back of the setting, hovering over the crowd for a while. When opening song “Strange” (from Canyon) concluded, many people gathered inside the guitar — both in the water and out — for an aerial portrait. “Only One I’d Sing To” (Prelude) featured Dudukovich on piano.

(not the aerial portrait) – Chasing Jonah – 06.25.22. 📷: Kathleen Thompson / Dolores Macchione

She encouraged a big sing-along as she launched into The Turtles’ classic “Happy Together,” followed by “Somewhere Only We Know,” Dudukovich on guitar. Then she switched to piano for “The Sentence.” (At this point, the folks in the hot tub were almost talking over the music.) 

Chasing Jonah – 06.25.22. 📷: Kathleen Thompson / Dolores Macchione

Chasing Jonah presented “No Hero” as it was designed to be played: by a band! They offered the title track to Canyon, then a very uptempo take on “As Long As You Let Me Try” (Prelude). Dudukovich acknowledged that some of her songs are sad, inward looking, but she was delighted to close the music with the very positive “Better Days,” her beautiful voice one more time taking us for a lovely ride. 

Chasing Jonah – 06.25.22. 📷: Kathleen Thompson / Dolores Macchione

Mazel Tovs all around to Chasing Jonah, Bob and Dee Macchione, and Lucas Lagoons for a truly wonderful trifecta!

Chasing Jonah – 06.25.22. 📷: Kathleen Thompson / Dolores Macchione

[CJ 1: Hollywood, Forgive Me, It Wouldn’t Be Right, Little Wonders, Miss Lorraine, And the Clocks Moved, In My Place, Across the Universe, Paycheck; 2: Strange, Only One I’d Sing To, Run, Happy Together, Somewhere Only We Know, The Sentence, No Hero, Canyon, As Long As You Let Me Try, Better Days]


Chasing Jonah


The amazing Lucas Lagoons pool installation!



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