Deep Focus Music with Bass Pulsation, Concentration Music for Work and Studying

Fans of bands such as The Disco Biscuits, Guavatron, Lotus, STS9, and many others know that these bands will often hit that sweet spot in the jam that seems to groove on endlessly, what we often call trance-dance. For me, trance-dance is what puts me in my happiest of happy places. It can emerge from jamtronica, prog rock, electronica, deep rock jams, fusion, and numerous other interrelated genres.

At the same time, there are myriad videos and audios designed for yoga, mediation, work, studying, and just plain zoning out. YouTube is full of them featuring drums, didgeridoos, violins, vocals, orchestras — countless methods of getting you to that particular place to enhance the yoga, meditation, and so forth. Some videos also have gorgeous pictures, some with animation, to match the music.

One personal favorite is “Deep Focus Music with Bass Pulsation, Concentration Music for Work and Studying.” This video was posted 10/21/21 by Greenred Productions – Releasing Music. As with all videos and audios of this sort, it contains a simple loop. This one is a mere one minute and 41 seconds in length.

The video does not feature animation, but the picture is magic. What grabs me about this video, however, is that this particular loop sounds like it could easily have come from a trance-dance groove by any of the bands mentioned and countless others like them.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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