Orange Blossom Jamboree: Rising Light, Kid Row, The Bridge, Disc Golf & More!

Orange Blossom Jamboree begins Wednesday, May 18, with the pre-party at Sertoma Youth Ranch in Brooksville, Florida, showcasing five days of amazing music — all from the Sunshine State. You can read all about the music schedule here, but there is so much else that makes OBJ one of the favorite festival destinations of the year.


Rising Light is the community outreach program of The Illumi-Nation Project, spearheaded by Liza and Hal Bailstein. Their mission is to offer holistic, experiential education for children and adults related to environmental sustainability, personal growth, and creative self-expression. A quick look at the programs lined up for this year’s OBJ include yoga each morning, nature walks, and lots of fun and informative PLAYshops with people knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas.



Ash Lynn and her amazing group of volunteers provide a fun place for the family with Kid Row, sponsored by The Blueberry Patch. Kid Row is a place where parents can bring the little ones to have fun together making art and crafts, participate in activities and workshops, and be entertained by talented artists and performers. 



OBJ has a special place for teens ages 13 to 17 called The Bridge. Our little ones aren’t so little anymore, and after ten years of OBJ, they need their own place to meet up and chill. Ash Lynn and her crew have a beautiful 20×20 pole tent for the area, and it will be decked out with lighting and decorations. Spread the word to OBJ family with teenagers, and feel free to share this!



The OBJ Throwamajig Disc Golf Party is OFFICIAL!!! Saturday, May 21, while enjoying the BEST Florida music festival there is, you’ll have the chance to throw a round of disc golf ON PROPERTY at Orange Blossom Jamboree (must be ticket holder/festival attendee!)! Brought to you by DISCoverlocalDG & FunkEyeMedia, we’ve created a beginner-to-intermediate-friendly course that will be inclusive to ALL skill levels. This year’s course features 12 holes, ranging from grassy trails and wooded tight lines to “Putting Games” type shots.



Live art, wonderful volunteers, great food vendors, ice sold on site by Sertoma, excellent clothing and craft vendors, adult sodas from festival sponsor Dunedin Brewery, rising Light, Kid Row, The Bridge, and OBJ Throwamajig Disc Golf Party — THIS  is the community of Orange Blossom Jamboree!


Orange Blossom Jamboree



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