Joe Marcinek’s Dead Funk Summit Hits NOLA

If you know Joe Marcinek, then you know he is forever compiling A-lister bands all across the country, at festivals, and even on Jam Cruise. Now the guitar slinger has taken the next amazing step with a jaw-dropping set of friends for a show at Toulouse Theatre in New Orleans on Tuesday, May 3, for another edition of Dead Funk Summit.

The three cornerstones of Dead Funk Summit, which first collaborated in June of 2018, were Marcinek, George Porter Jr., and Melvin Seals, and they are back, as is the drummer from that session, Terrence Houston.

Special guests? How about Tony Hall, John Papa Gros, Deven Trusclair, Michael Lemmler, Alex Wasily, and Ashlin Parker.

It all goes down Tuesday night at Toulouse Theatre. Grab tickets while you still can.




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