The Velveteers with Plasma Canvas & Cody at Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins

The Velveteers have been on a serious exploration of what the band is about! They were recently signed by Easy Eye Sound Records, recorded and released new music, and opened for massive acts such as Guns N’ Roses and Greta Van Fleet. They are headlining clubs around the country including shows in their home state of Colorado. Their debut album Nightmare Daydream is out now and shows how a band can strip down rock and roll to its truest primal form and be a relevant act in an always changing industry.

The Velveteers – 04.16.22. 📷: Backstage Flash

Demi Dimetro on guitar and vocals along with Baby Pottersmith on drums and Jonny Fig on guitar, drums, and keyboards deliver a powerful theatrical baritone sound with haunting guitar riffs, vocals, and clever arrangements that captivate your whole soul. Because their sound is so different and stands alone in the rock world, people are noticing, like Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys. He is also a well-known producer, and when he caught sight and sound of the Velveteers he invited them to his studio in Nashville to produce Nightmare Daydream. Demitro recalls writing “Charmer and the Snake” with Auerbach and described it as “a synergy moment where we just got in a room together and started playing and recorded the song in the first few takes.” The daydream is quickly becoming a reality for the Velveteers, and they are embracing every moment of the ride.

Demi Demitro – The Velveteers – 04.16.22. 📷: Backstage Flash

The Velveteers’ performance at the Aggie Theatre Saturday, April 16, was packed full of music fans of all ages. The vibe in the room was electric when Demi Demitro, Baby Pottersmith, and Jonny Fig took the stage. This band exudes confidence, stage presence, and impeccable musical and writing skills. Demi’s larger-than-life persona and style captivated the audience. Her guitar skills come from years of practice and gigging. Pottersmith’s and Fig’s double drumming was powerful and loud. They provide such a strong, solid foundation for the songs to jump off the stage while Demi commands the guitar. 

Baby Pottersmith – The Velveteers – 04.16.22. 📷: Backstage Flash

The set opened with “Beauty Queens,” setting the tone for the evening while the hard-driving, deep haunting guitar riffs filled the room. Demi’s voice was strong and pronounced and filled the hall from front to back. The set continued with new material from Nightmare Daydream. “Needle,” “Motel,” “Father of Lies,” and “Charmer” were all part of the nineteen-song set. “Dark Horse” was the last song before the encore, and the band has just released a music video for the track.

The band has a very distinct and powerful room presence with a ’70s vibe in a modern contemporary era. When Fig joined Demi on guitar and vocals the sound just got fuller and rounder, and his voice added greater depth to the songs. The Velveteers are so different than any other band, and they are pushing in all the right directions with creativity and ambition. They literally floored the Fort Collins crowd.

Jonny Fig – The Velveteers – 04.16.22. 📷: Backstage Flash

Speaking from a personal place, I have known Demi for about six years and have photographed her many times. I was blown away last night. Her growth and confidence as a person, performer, and musician is at a whole new level. Demi is a very polite, soft-spoken person, but when she hits the stage all hell breaks loose. Her ability to command a room full of screaming fans is something to behold. She doesn’t hide behind anything or anybody. She is loud, glamorous, and extremely talented. The modern-day power trio called The Velveteers are quickly becoming a massive force in the music industry, and we can’t wait to see what’s next from them.



Plasma Canvas, traditionally a duo with Adrienne Rae Ash, guitar and vocals, and Evalyn Flowers on drums, are currently playing as a four-piece lineup. They have added Travis Mason on guitar and Miles Stevenson on bass. Like this band wasn’t loud enough, it just got louder! Ash can hurl primal screams out of her body and hit chords on guitar that will make Lemmy blush. She has charisma, charm, and instinct that have firmly cemented Plasma Canvas to their own place in rock and roll. The stage is where their energy comes out; it hits you instantly and slams you to the floor. The band, and Ash in particular, live the music — they divulge the heartache, confusion, joy, and the unknowing of what’s up next. The songs speak loud and clear that the world is a tough place constantly throwing shit around. 

Adrienne Rae Ash – Plasma Canvas – 04.16.22. 📷: Backstage Flash

Ash writes about her life’s journey, including being out, being accepted, not being accepted, and living the life of a musician in an ever-changing environment. There is no specific genre to categorize Plasma Canvas. They are Electric Warriors with profound purpose and desire to create really hard-driving music that not only rocks you, shocks you, and punks you to your knees but also makes you feel open to all possibilities. With three albums under their belts and having signed to SideOneDummy Records, there is massive room for this band to grow and evolve into whatever they want.

Plasma Canvas – 04.16.22. 📷: Backstage Flash

Plasma Canvas played before the Velveteers and definitely got the crowd ready to rock. Adrienne Rae Ash is larger than life, and her powerful voice, fire red hair, and sunburst Gibson Les Paul took center stage as she and the band ripped into “Blistered World.” The whole place was shaking, and the pace and energy was infectious as Ash’s voice hits you in the chest. Travis Mason’s guitar playing is fast and concise; he keeps a great tempo and plays tasty rhythms and searing leads. The rhythm section that is Evalyn Flowers beating the shit out of the drums and Miles Stevenson on bass filled the room with heart-pounding beats and great bass lines. All together this band gut punches you with every note. 

Plasma Canvas – 04.16.22. 📷: Backstage Flash

The set continued with tracks from two of their albums: KILLER MAJESTIC and NO FACES. The song “Context” was next followed, by “Election Year Relapse,” “#GENDERPARTY,” and “Sister Knife.” Each song was delivered with charisma, flair ,and power that buckled your knees. The audience was fueling the fire of the band who all live in Fort Collins and had many friends and fans in attendance. This set was a clear and distinct portrayal of the ongoing evolution that is Plasma Canvas. We are lucky have you rocking our town!

Plasma Canvas – 04.16.22. 📷: Backstage Flash



Cody was the opening act of the evening. Jakob Mueller (aka Cody) put his quarantine time to good use and wrote some very introspective moody music. Cody began as a solo project that was fueled by time alone and time to reflect and channel influences that have inspired Jakob throughout his musical career. He started recording his moods and words with help from his brother Oliver, who produced the songs.

The songs took on a life of their own, and we were treated to these new ideas and melodies last night. Jakob brought a full band with him to offer these new delicacies to the hometown crowd. The music was well presented and had a flow of sincerity with a lot of different textures, moods and superb adaptation. Thanks for bringing us new music!



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