FoCoMX Music Festival, Fort Collins, Colorado, April 22 & 23

[Feature image: Michael Kirkpatrick & the Fort Collins crowd]

Fort Collins, Colorado, is a special place with majestic mountains, incredible rivers, lakes, and wildlife. The city has amazing infrastructure, progressive businesses, universities, breweries, restaurants, music venues, and an overall peaceful vibe. The other thing this city has is an unlimited amount of talent, in many ways. The amount of musicians, artists and creative minded people who live in Fort Collins is staggering. I wake up most days and ponder the amount of talented people living here, and it really is mind-blowing. It’s a catch all for creation with a never-ending stream of new bands, solo artists, and creative people in general appearing constantly. The city boasts world-class music venues that attract national bands from all over the country. The venues are as diverse as the artists, and any genre of music is welcome.

Aggie Theatre – FoCoMX2022. πŸ“·: Backstage Flash

The pandemic hit the whole world hard, and we all suffered in many ways. The entertainment industry shut down completely, and many people suffered for a long time. Once again the creative minds and spirit of Fort Collins and surrounding areas came together in unity, and we made it work. Driveways turned into music venues, the Fort Collins Musicians Association and the Holiday Twin Drive-In Theater hosted bands on a weekly basis for months, live stream events were abundant, and we all helped each other emotionally and financially through one of the most difficult times of our lives. The generosity and compassion throughout this musical community is the glue that keeps us together as one family. I am honored and humbled to live and work in this community with the most extraordinary people I have ever met.

– FoCoMX2022. πŸ“·: Backstage Flash

With that being said, it’s been three years since the Northern Colorado music community got together to celebrate diversity in music at the festival known as FoCoMX (Fort Collins Music eXperiment). We weathered the storm and finally strapped on our guitars and cameras, dusted of the microphones and let it rip. When you put 300 bands on 30 stages in one small town over a 48-hour period, magic happens. The festival showcases a diverse lineup of Colorado musicians inclusive of all genres.

Hygeia – FoCoMX2022. πŸ“·: Backstage Flash

This incredible community shows up, alright; venues were packed as thousands of people navigated the town to catch their favorite bands. Their were many returning acts as well as unlikely collaborations of musicians covering classic rock albums and new bands showcasing their music for the first time at FoCoMX. I have never witnessed a community so excited about being together, supporting each other, and enjoying amazing friendships through music.

Amy Marie – Post Paradise – FoCoMX2022. πŸ“·: Backstage Flash

FoCoMX 2022 is officially in the books, and I must say that book is full of amazing performances, people enjoying time with friends, and memories that will live long past our days. Artists poured their hearts out and left every ounce of emotion and energy on the stages in Fort Collins. Energy and excitement were featured on the menu of this amazing event, and everyone knew it. This festival had a two-year hiatus, but it came back better than ever and will continue to thrive in this community that feeds off the energy of its people.

Eric Romero – As We Rise – FoCoMX2022. πŸ“·: Backstage Flash

Every venue donated their space, and the entire festival was stacked with volunteers that covered every aspect of a major music festival. Many venues were at capacity as the crowds of music fans filled the streets and alleyways of this music mecca. From bluegrass to blues and every style of music in between, the music echoed from concert halls and clubs around town. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are; there is an expansive palette of music for every taste.

Bevin Luna – FoCoMX2022. πŸ“·: Backstage Flash

The green room was buzzing with musicians each night as one of the local eateries called Snooze donated their space for the artists to unwind and grab a bite during the evening hours of the festival. The town opens their doors and hearts and welcomes everyone. What a vibe, what a town, and what an amazing festival we have here! I encourage you to take part next year and enjoy some time rockin’ the weekend away in Fort Collins.

Graham Good – FoCoMX2022. πŸ“·: Backstage Flash

Thanks everyone for supporting β€œTHE BIGGEST LITTLE FESTIVAL IN AMERICA” for the past 14 years! Thanks to the Bohemian Foundation and all of sponsors, guests and artists.

I would like to personally thank all of the volunteers and everyone working behind the scenes to make this amazing festival happen. Special thanks to all of the lighting directors for lighting the stages so beautifully; you have no idea how much I appreciate you helping me make great pictures.



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