Carlos Santana Guests with Widespread Panic 10.14.01

The Sandbox posted this video on YouTube with the following note:

Widespread Panic plays The Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA on 10/14/2001.  This show contains one of their greatest guests and sit-ins the band ever had on stage, Carlos Santana. Santana comes out to start the second set with the best rendition of “Casa del Grillo” ever and then stays on stage to play a Robert Johnson tune and two Funkadelic tunes. The first half of “Casa” uses audio from the original tape source. The rest of the audio has been upgraded to soundboard from the podcast.

There are individual videos of each of the four songs that involve Santana, but this video of the complete show ties it all together. The entire show is fire. After a beautiful “Casa del Grillo,” they tear up the blues-drenched “Me and the Devil Blues” with some superb piano by JoJo Hermann. Mikey Houser and Santana are joined at the hip, so magically intertwined.

Widespread Panic & Carlos Santana 10.14.01

The whole enterprise goes stratospheric when they introduce “Maggot Brain,” a song Houser always shredded when it popped up on a setlist. This version is ridiculous, Hermann adding Hammond B3 and later more piano with that repetitive theme. And then there’s “Red Hot Mama.” No words truly suffice.

Widespread Panic & Carlos Santana 10.14.01


Carlos Santana with Widespread Panic

1:03:00  Casa del Grillo **
1:11:22  Me and the Devil Blues **
1:18:33  Maggot Brain **
1:24:53  Red Hot Mama **



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