Violet Pilot at The Lyric in Fort Collins 3/17/22

Violet Pilot are β€œGlad We Found You”! This is the title of the rock quartet’s new album. Last night (Thursday, March 17) was a very intimate setting for the band and the guests as they introduced all of the new material on their upcoming album and even some newer material that was written since recording the new tracks.

Violet Pilot. πŸ“·: Backstage Flash

The show at The Lyric in Fort Collins, Colorado, began with an improvisational, instrumental jam called β€œRocket” with Joe Asker on bass, John Hartman on guitar, Michael Kirkpatrick on lead vocals and guitar, and Sean Macaulay on drums.Β 

Sean Macaulay – Violet Pilot. πŸ“·: Backstage Flash

Michael’s deep baritone voice and powerful range filled the room with emotion and clarity. He has a storyteller persona and deep conviction to the lyrics he writes. Kirkpatrick is the primary writer in the band, and Sean Macaulay co-wrote three of the tracks with him on the new album. The tracks are all a bit different and have different styles, arrangements, and inspiration weaving in and out of them. They are rock with a contemporary blues foundation, and they touch many other genres, including punk and psychedelic jam rock.

Michael Kirkpatrick – Violet Pilot. πŸ“·: Backstage Flash

I had a few minutes to talk with Michael, and when I asked him what type of band Violet Pilot is, he said β€œmy favorite, probably!” He loves the fact that people are drawing their own conclusions on what the band is about. Musically the band is very dimensional and takes you on an exploration of sound and adventure. The band is a cohesive unit of talent and tones; they are a whimsical, pastoral, psychedelic overture of the earth. They are bringing rock music to another level with deep introspective writing, incredible musicianship, and a story of love and compassion.Β 

Joe Asker – Violet Pilot. πŸ“·: Backstage Flash

The four members of the band are great friends, and it shows in live performance. Their energy is electric, and their personalities shine through and create a captivating stage presence, all while maintaining their love of entertaining and creating great compositions. The sold-out crowd loved the set, and the new songs are going to be available once the tracks are mastered and released, first digitally and then on vinyl and CD later in the year. This was a Kickstarter show to raise awareness and funds to help the band with the expenses needed to get the physical product in your hands.

John Hartman – Violet Pilot. πŸ“·: Backstage Flash





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