Madeline Hawthorne Band at 830 North, Fort Collins — 3/10/2022

Madeline Hawthorne is a singer, songwriter, and performer from Bozeman, Montana, and she and her band are quickly becoming a welcome addition to the Colorado music scene. Hawthorne has joined forces with some of Colorado’s finest musicians and has been playing gigs up and down the front range as well as the mountain towns. 

Madeline Hawthorne – The Madeline Hawthorne Band – 830 North – 03.10.22. 📷: Backstage Flash

Born into a musical background, Hawthorne was early influenced by her parents, and once she started writing and playing guitar her future was clearly mapped out. She has an introspective writing style and lets the world around her determine her musical story. She has a blues foundation that lets her explore roots, soul, and rock with raw, uninhibited style.

The Madeline Hawthorne Band – 830 North – 03.10.22. 📷: Backstage Flash

Her band features Sean Macaulay on drums, Zach Jackson on bass, Al Smith on keyboards, Jacob Moss on lead guitar, and Cody Russell on pedal steel with Hawthorne on lead vocals and acoustic guitar. This unique combination of instruments allows the band to improvise and explore the music with three different solo opportunities presented by the guitar, pedal steel, and keyboards. 

The Madeline Hawthorne Band – 830 North – 03.10.22. 📷: Backstage Flash

The set of mostly originals from Hawthorne’s solo album Boots and a few select covers was delivered with raw and emotional power from the band last night (Thursday, March 10) in Fort Collins at 830 North (yes, it’s a bowling alley). They are all brilliant players; combined with truthful ambitious songwriting and great stage presence, the overall vibe of the band is fantastic. The songs have cool soulful arrangements with keen vocals and expert musicianship. They blend the songs very well throughout the set by giving the audience a great assortment of musical styles. 

The Madeline Hawthorne Band – 830 North – 03.10.22. 📷: Backstage Flash

They are performing tonight (Friday, March 11) at Old Town Pub in Steamboat Springs and Saturday at at 100 Nickel in Broomfield. They will play The Treefort Music Festival in Boise, Idaho, the third week of March as well as some gigs in Hawthorne’s home state of Montana in April after going to Oregon and Washington, with a return to Colorado on June 9 for a gig at Denver’s Bluebird Theatre. Keep your eyes on this band and catch the next time they land in your town.



03/11  Old Town Pub | Steamboat Springs CO
03/12  100 Nickel | Broomfield CO
03/23  Treefort Fest | Boise ID
03/31  Campfire Hotel | Bend OR
04/01  TBA | Portland OR
04/02  Lagunitas Brewing Company Taproom & Beer Sanctuary | Seattle WA
04/07  Lewis & Clark Brewery Annex (outside) | Helena MT
04/08  TBA | Big Sky MT
04/09  Free Cycles | Missoula MT
06/09  Bluebird Theatre | Denver CO




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