When We Were Young Festival Releases Lineup and Reminds Us All That It’s Not a Phase, Mom!

When We Were Young festival has been announced and is making waves. The lineup is taking us all back 20 (Yes, I said 20) years.

From top to bottom, the poster screams angst, nostalgia, and pure emo-tions. A few headliners include My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Bright Eyes, Avril Lavigne, and A Day To Remember. Other popular acts are Senses Fail, Silverstein, Neck Deep, La Dispute and The Used, to name a few.

My Chemical Romance

When We Were Young is taking place on October 22 on the Las Vegas festival grounds, hosted by Live Nation. Pre-sale begins this Friday, January 21. So grab your studded belts and eyeliner, chop those bangs, and squeeze into those skinny jeans, because it’s the RAWRing ’20s!



When We Were Young


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