Rush-Inspired Pinball Game Released Featuring Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson

Legendary Canadian rock band Rush has partnered with pinball game manufacture Stern to create a Rush-themed series of pinball machines that will feature 16 iconic Rush tracks on the soon-to-be-available vintage-style games.

The just-unveiled pinball machines will come in three different cabinet types and include unique play, sounds, and lights on each unit. The three versions available include Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition games that include Rush concert footage along with gameplay dialog from iconic Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, both founding members of Rush, along with fellow Canadian musician Ed Robertson (of Barenaked Ladies). The tracks featured on the new games include some of the most recognized tunes from the Rush catalog including “Tom Sawyer,” “The Spirit of Radio,” “Limelight,” “Fly By Night,” “Freewill,”  “Headlong Fight,” “Far Cry,” “One Little Victory,” “Working Man,” “2112,” “The Big Money,” “Subdivisions,”  “La Villa Strangiato,” “Bastille Day,” “Cygnus X-1” (“Book One: The Voyage” + “Book Two: Hemispheres”)” and “Red Barchetta.”

“Partnering with Rush, we created a musical pinball experience that every fan will want to explore,” said Gary Stern, Chairman and CEO via Stern’s website. “Incredible music, memorable toys, unique mechanical pinball action, and custom speech will make players feel like they are on tour with the band. In memory of Neil Peart, we have also decided to support the Neil Peart Research Award sponsored by the Glioblastoma Foundation as it researches cures for this deadly brain cancer.”

Stern Pinball Inc. began manufacturing pinball machines in 1977 and continued doing so until demand dropped for the arcade games in the late ’90s. The company returned to producing new machines in the early 2000s, including several rock-and-roll-themed pinball games.

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