Country’s Josh Gracin Pays a Visit to South Florida Fair

Former American Idol finalist and country music sensation Josh Gracin made a tour stop at the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach on an unusually cold Friday night. The Michigan native and former Marine who served our nation shortly after becoming a contestant on American Idol delivered an inspired set before a small gathering of his faithful fans on the chilly evening. Gracin, along with his band, performed his radio hits including “I Want to Live,” “Nothin’ to Lose,” and “Stay with Me” on opening night at the annual South Florida Fair.

Josh Gracin – Photo: Rick Munroe MFN

Let’s face it: times are tough, the economy and pandemic are on the minds of many, and people are looking for a respite from it all. Gracin, who has had his share of difficult moments, provided some feel-good moments and has the ability to connect with people, putting smiles on the faces of many of those attending. He was unassuming and engaged with the crowd, handing a young fan a drumstick that perhaps will be long remembered after the stage lights dim and the band moves on to their next stop. Despite the small crowd who took the time to catch Gracin’s set, many others who opted who were doing other fair things like eating corndogs and riding roller coasters; those attending the show seemed to have fun, many standing the entire time, dancing in place, perhaps in part to stay warm. Gracin is often referred to as a true American idol for initially putting his country music career on hold until completion on his military service and was ultimately honorably discharged. He seems to have regained the energy and enthusiasm for his music that fans were initially drawn to early in his singing career.

Gracin has a story. His lyrics reflect a tale that is parallel to the very things we saw at the fair: bright lights and roller coasters; perhaps this is a reflection of what a career in music is like, but if you stop and listen, the story is clear yet continues to write new chapters. What’s next for Gracin? We’ll wait and see.

Josh Gracin Band – Photo: Rick Munroe MFN



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