Benefit for Dave Watts & Family Saturday at VooSwar in Atlantic Beach

Many of you have heard about the horrific Marshall Fire that ravaged parts of Louisville, Superior, and unincorporated Boulder County, Colorado, on December 30, destroying more than 1,000 structures and damaging more than 100 others.

Every one of these events is a tragedy, and for Colorado it was their 57th billion-dollar weather catastrophe. This one struck close to home for the music community, as Dave Watts, drummer for The Motet, his girlfriend Danielle Gregory, and their roommate PK Williams, a revered concert and festival MC, lost their house and everything in it, including their two beloved furry children.

There are fundraisers being held in a number of locations in the coming weeks. Get Laws’t Entertainment is sponsoring one such event Saturday, January 15, at VooSwar in Atlantic Beach, Florida.

Music for this important event will feature Jessica Jones Project, Ancient Astroknauts, Hot Commodity, Blacksheep Troubadour, and Bird Chamberlain.

Jessica Jones. 📷: Bill McPhail Jr.

For those who cannot attend, here is the link to their GoFundMe page.

Sincere thanks to Get Laws’t Entertainment, Jessica Jones, and Ancient Astroknauts for sponsoring this fundraiser.

Ancient Astroknauts. 📷: Bill McPhail Jr.



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