Seattle Braces for 3 Nights of OG Garage A Trois

Nectar, KNKX, and The PBJ present OG Garage A Trois featuring Stanton Moore, Charlie Hunter, and Skerik for their Calm Down Cologne record release live party with special guest DJ Logic. Nectar Lounge is your destination Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, December 16-18.


From the press release:

Garage A Trois was originally a trio founded by Stanton Moore, eight-string guitarist Charlie Hunter, and Skerik. It formed during the 1998 recording of Stanton Moore’s debut All Kooked Out!, a session that also yielded Garage A Trois’ debut recording Mysteryfunk.

Both albums were produced by Dan Prothero on his independent Fog City Records label. They were also both recorded “live with no over dubs.” Whereas All Kooked Out! was rehearsed, “straight-toned,” and promoted as the initial release, Mysteryfunk was mostly improvised with electronically effected instruments and, as Moore has stated, had “all the freaky stuff.”

This very special three-night performance of the original Garage A Trois lineup returns to Nectar to celebrate the 2021 release of the album Calm Down Cologne that was recorded the last time they played at Nectar, Seattle in Feb 2019!! These are also OG GAT’s only live shows of 2021!!

OG GAT with Mike Dillon – Jam Cruise 18 – Jesse Faatz




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