POCKiT at Clearwater Jazz Holiday Wanderlust

POCKiT from South Florida lit up the stage at Clearwater Jazz Holiday Wanderlust December 4, and now we have video to share of the event.

POCKiT are: Chip Gardner, keyboards; Moises Linares, drums; and Josh Walton, guitar.

POCKiT took the stage first, a brilliant trio who dig deep into jazz and jazz fusion. They offered up excellent original “T-1000” first, showing the tightness of their arrangements. Chip Gardner plays electric piano, organ, clavinet, and synths with equal relish. The rhythm section of Moise Linares, drums and Josh Walton, bass, play as a single organism. Next they tackled a tune by The Philadelphia Experiment titled “Grover.”

At this point, they made it a quintet by inviting up Sebastian Pareja on electric guitar and Luigi Arredondo on tenor saxophone. It went from wonderful to more wonderful with the expansion as they tackled the great Medeski, Martin & Wood composition “Coconut Boogaloo.” The trio gave both gentlemen plenty of space to create, and create they did. Next they knocked out original “Hialeah Traffic.”

Moise Linares – POCKiT

Everything was working, and the grooves were deep, Afro-Latin-infused. They introduced a brand new tune from their upcoming album called “Versa,” which was outstanding, as was “Mocoso” which followed. They invited bassist Jason Spencer of Fusik to sit in on “Driving Out” and crushed their finale, “No Headlights.” What a superb start to the evening under beautiful skies!

[POCKiT: T-1000, Grover, Coconut Boogaloo, Hialeah Traffic, Versa, Mocoso, Driving Out, No Headlights]



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