North Beach Music Festival: South Florida Represent & Daily Schedules!

We are a week away from the inaugural North Beach Music Festival in North Miami Beach December 10 & 11 featuring Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Spafford, TAUK, The Motet, Marco Benevento and numerous others at the North Beach Bandshell.

Among those “numerous others” are four outstanding exponents of the South Florida music scene, so rich its fountain is perpetually overflowing. For this exciting new festival, Electric Kif, The Heavy Pets, TAND, and JUke will also perform. Sunshine State folks already know what’s up; this is a primer for those of you rolling in from out of town or out of state.

Electric Kif live at the intersection of prog rock, fusion jazz, trance dance, and electronica. Firmly established residence. This quartet has blown up stages and festivals all around the Southeast and just did a run in the Pacific Northwest. Believe the hype: these gents are jaw-droppingly amazing! Electric Kif are: Rodrigo Zambrano, bass; Armando Lopez, drums; Jason Matthews, keyboards; Eric Escanes, guitar.

Electric Kif. 📷: Claudia Sanchez Silva

The Heavy Pets are the longest-established jam band kings in Florida, although they’ve been on a hiatus of sorts recently. This is a delightful opportunity to see what this incredible quintet does with rock, funk, disco, and much more! They too have lit up stages around the Southeast and beyond; they were frequent fliers at Bear Creek and AURA. The Heavy Pets are: Jeff Lloyd, guitar/vocals; Mike Garulli, guitar/harmonica/vocals; Jim Wuest,  keys/vocals; Jamie Newitt, drums/vocals; and Tony D’Amato, bass. 

The Heavy Pets – Scott Hopkins


TAND have evolved from a fine band to a superb one. We notice that last April at Fool’s Engagement, where we wrote:

Another true Fool’s delight was the performance of TAND, yet another band that have reinvented themselves with more shining facets to their music. I’ve always been a fan, but this set was several quantum levels up, as they bit into some superb prog rock and then deep funk. Taylor Godsey, guitar; Peter Krause, bass; Ali Nassar, drums; and Daryl Wolff, keyboards (but no key-tar!) muscled through a truly fine show.

As if that were not enough, they have now added Mike Garulli (The Heavy Pets) to their lineup!

TAND – Hulaween 21. 📷: Silent J Studio


Those three groups play Friday. Joining the Saturday lineup are JUke, South Florida’s blues masters. They call themselves a blues/fusion show and sound experience, post-blues. Both are accurate but don’t begin to tell the whole story. They have always rocked the house with their roaring blues, including the last Wanee Festival and at numerous Orange Blossom Jamborees (all four bands are regulars there). JUke are fronted by brilliant harmonica master Eric Garcia.

JUke – Mandi Nulph


The daily schedules have also been released, with two stages and no overlap. You don’t have to miss a single note!



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