No Resolutions Festival: The Schedule is Here!

Feature image by Silent J Studio

In four days the faithful will be gathering at Ellie Ray’s RV Resort (three days for those hitting the pre-party) for No Resolutions Festivals (Branford in spring country, north Florida). And now the schedule is here!

There are five different stages. Hennessy, Evolution, Get Laws’t Get Down, Infinite Liquid Space and, Black Sheep Circus. We will share the venue map as soon as it is available.



Music begins at 5:45 at Black Sheep Circus with Space Cheech, BSC’s resident DJ plus special appearances (a daily occurrence!). Late-night DJ music comes from Mix Vicious, Mishin, and AVE.

Doom Flamingo – Fool’s Engagement 04.02.21. 📷: Bryan Edward Creative

The main stage — Hennessy — will be properly funkified by Doom Flamingo and The Reality. DO. NOT. MISS. THIS.



All five stages are in play now. The EDM stage features Bobadis, Yari, Mazza, and Moonglue. Space Cheech is up again at BSC, with Floating Sea late-night.

Jackson Weldon w/ Joy Wagon – Fool’s 04.03.21. 📷: Funk Eye Media

Get Laws’t Get Down will host Tom Marcellis Band, Awen Family Band, the remarkable Firewater Tent Revival, and a killer late-night set from Joy Wagon, who absolutely CRUSHED at Fool’s Engagement.

There is so much great music in three sets on Evolution: Savi Fernandez Band first, then The Legendary JCs, and finally New Orleans Suspects (but we can verify they are all New Orleans guilty!).

Robert Randolph. Photo Credit: Matthew Chase

On Hennessy, Goldenera have the first shot, with Jacksonville’s outstanding Wigeon up next. Toubab Krewe makes a triumphant return to Florida, and then get ready for Robert Randolph and the Family Band and our theme as we move into 2022: “I Need More Love Every Day of My Life.”



Big EDM day with Steve Stevenson, Damon Sarceno, illannoise, d.marinade, Funky Chicken Slayer, and Damon b2b d.marinade. Yoga, sound healing, and breath work at BSC and more from Space Cheech. Late-night vibes from Virtuosick.

He’s got those disco shades on! – Adonis Guava – Guavatron – Cage Brewing 10.16.21. 📷: Bastion Photo

GLGD stage opens with Rooster Von Brown, Blacksheep Troubadour, and Este Loves’ love groove. Danka goes reggae, with the one and only (we checked) Fuzzy Britches following. What to do after the last set on the main stage? Guavatron is planning a trance-dance party nonpareil. Bring your disco shades!

Ghost-Note. 📷: North Beach Music Festival / slightly skewed photography

Future Joy, the Jessica Jones Project, and The Bright Light Social Hour light up Evolution.

Hennessy-side for this New Year’s Eve? Tropico Blvd, Sungazer, and say hello to 2022 with muthafunkin’ Ghost-Note!



It’s SATURDAY! You KNOW you saved enough energy to jam all through the day!

Black Sheep Circus opens with two yoga classes and a workshop on sprouts and micro greens. Space Cheech, chapter four, and a secret set late night.

Row Jomah – Kenny Stadelman Benefit 07.18.21. 📷: Funk Eye Media

Get Laws’t Get Down is packed again, beginning with the catty vibes of Row Jomah, shoeless soul, and Sweat Out the Devil. Grindstone Sinners play as well, with a closing performance from Displace.

Electric Kif. 📷: Claudia Sanchez Silva

Evolution will be pumpin’ with Electric Kif, Greenhouse Lounge, and PAZ.

Tru Phonic and SIDE TRAKD hit Hennessy before The Funk Hunters close down the main stage.


Your music, your tribe, in a safe environment, four days of unending bliss. 

Please be mindful of all of our brothers and sisters. We are blessed indeed to have music to hear right now.

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