Guavatron & Friends at Oak Garden, Miami 06.17.21

We have the amazing CHeeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS to thank for yet another superb video, this time by Guavatron & Friends during Set II of their show at Oak Garden, Miami on 6-17-2021.

Guavatron are: Adonis Guava, guitar, vocals; Roddy Hansen, keyboards, synths; Conor Crookham, bass; and Casey Luden, drums.


“All Systems Go” (00:00 – 08:35) is pure Guavatron doing what they do best: trance-dance jamtronica twisted by prog rock.

“De Funke” (08:40 – 39:19) is a tune the boys often play with guests. Here Will Hurwitz, harmonica, and Alejandro Elizondo, keyboards, tuck perfectly into the half-hour jam.

During the brief interlude, Adonis asks if the (Electric) Kif boys want to jam. Is 7 Up? “Jam” (39:46 – 56:05) is magical. Rodrigo Zambrano takes over on bass while Jason Matthews joins Hansen on keyboards, especially synths. And Dave Goodstein takes the drum kit at some point (no way to tell with this lighting, and nobody remembers). Hurwitz resurfaces halfway through the jam.

Same players for “Give It to Me Baby Jam” (56:18 – 1:04:58). Adonis invites Eric Escanes of Electric Kif up on guitar, but he never appears on screen (so damn dark). This is a killer jam, Zambrano out front here.


Recorded, edited and uploaded by adam @ CHeeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS

Digitally remastered audio via AAMS

Best viewed in 720-1080p HD


And speaking of jamming, you can catch Guavatron and Electric Kif Saturday, January 8, at Crazy Uncle Mike’s in Boca Raton!

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